We do repairs on all makes of central vacuums such as
Air Vac, Aggressor, Beam, Cyclovac,Dirt Devil, Easy Flo, Electrolux, Eureka, Modern Day, Nutone. Vac-u-Maid, and Vac-u-Flo.

We carry a full line of central vacuum motors and circuit boards.  We also have replacement power head motors, roller brushes, belts, light bulbs, wands, and wheels. We have bags and filters for most brands and models in stock. 

Central Vacuum Unclog Machine

We can unclog your vacuum system with this unit it uses the suction of two motors to reverse the air flow in your system and dislodge anything that may be stuck.

Inspection Camera

If you have a system that keeps clogging we can run our camera through the system and see if there is something jammed inside. If you have low suction we can see if you have cracked or broken pipes